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Language Center is one of the technical service units under the auspices of Hasanuddin University. This Technical Services Unit has the main duties and functions to provide language services to the community. Language Center Hasanuddin University has implemented an ISO 9001:2015 quality management system (SMM) that is integrated with the university quality assurance system (SPMPT) so as to create effective management of all aspects in it. Thus, the whole process of governance and administrative services is carried out effectively and with quality.


The List of Participants for The TOEFL Prediction


In addition to having reliable teaching staff, teaching at the Language Center uses communicative teaching methods. Participants who study at Language Centers are trained to communicate verbally and in writing by dialogue, discussion, and group work. Learning is done inside and outside the classroom with a comfortable and intimate atmosphere.

The excellent programs that Language Centers have include; Foreign Language Courses are designed to improve the ability of various foreign languages ​​in general such as English, French, Japanese, Arabic, and Korean. English for non-academic staff to provide English, especially in carrying out routine tasks. Intensive TOEFL Preparation Course which is designed to improve English proficiency especially in improving the acquisition of TOEFL scores for various purposes such as continuing Masters and S3 studies both domestically and abroad. Intensive IELTS Preparation Course, this program is designed to improve English language skills, especially in increasing the acquisition of IELTS scores to continue education abroad. Writing, this program is designed to improve the ability to write journals and scientific papers in English. Reading Group, a program designed to improve the ability to read English texts effectively. Presentation Skill, a program designed to improve presentation skills in English. Business English, this program is designed for those who are directly involved in business activities such as tourism service staff or entrepreneurs, finance, insurance, and other industries to improve their English skills.

In addition to conducting local language and culture courses, Language Centers also provide and accept abstract editing and translation of English, French, Japanese, Arabic, and regional languages ​​(Lontara). Translation and editing are carried out by teams with experience in their respective fields.

In addition, Language Center provides Indonesian Language learning services for Foreign Speakers (BIPA). Besides teaching Indonesian, Language Center also introduces them to local culture and arts. Students will be invited to visit and learn about attractions and historical objects in Makassar.

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Human Resources

Language Center Hasanuddin University has S2 (Master) and S3 (Doctor) teaching staff from various leading universities in the country and abroad (Britain, America, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand). Teaching staff for Indonesian Language Learning for Foreign Speakers (BIPA) are teaching staff who have experience teaching Indonesian abroad and domestically. Similarly, administrative staff who have been trained with their respective duties will be ready to serve friendly.


In accordance with the vision and mission of the Language Center which is to become a ‘Center of Excellence for learning foreign languages, local languages and cultures, and Indonesian for foreign speakers (BIPA)’ with the mission of providing a quality learning environment to develop this. To support this, Language Center Hasanuddin University provides supporting facilities in the form of a two-story building with details of two rooms / computer laboratories, one hall, eight classrooms, recording rooms, and prayer rooms. All rooms owned meet ISO standards. In addition, the Language Center Hasanuddin University facilitats the implementation of the ITP TOEFL Test in collaboration with Jakarta IIEF and the online lecturer Certification Test in collaboration with the Indonesian Test Service Center (PLTI).

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